Coronavirus Information

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Important information about returning to school in September 2020: 

Risk assessment –Wider Opening of Schools – Updated January 2021

FAQs for Parents

Privacy Notice – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Pupils Parents and Staff

Supporting your child’s learning at home

Please find below our Home Learning Plan.

Remote education provision at St Oswald’s CE Primary Information for parents

KS1 Home Learning

Please access any teaching videos on our KS1 Blog

KS1 Week 3 W.C. 18.01.21

Week 3 KS1 Learning Grid


18.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

19.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

21.01.21 Year 1 Maths Worksheet

21.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

22.01.21 Year 1 Maths Worksheet

22.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

Phonics and Reading

19.01.21 Blue Phonics Group Read and Do

21.01.21 Yellow Phonics Group Phoneme Spotter

22.01.21 Blue Phonics Group Phoneme Spotter

Dinosaur ebook

KS1 Week 4 W.C. 25.01.21

Week 4 KS1 Learning Grid

W.C. 25.01.21 Weekly Wellbeing Challenge- Be good to yourself.


26.01.21 Year 1 and 2 Literacy Worksheet

28.01.21 Year 1 and 2 Literacy Worksheet


25.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

27.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

28.01.21 Year 2 Maths Worksheet

Science Sheet W.C. 25.01.21

Phonics and Reading

25.01.21 Green Phonics Group Roll and Read

26.01.21 Blue Phonics Group Read and Write

29.01.21 Blue Phonics Group Phoneme Spotter

Bug Club Login Page

Dinosaur ebook

ELSA Support

Please see below ways to support your children to understand the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Social Story

Grandpa and the Cosy Weeks – a story to explain isolations of over-70s

  • The ELSA support website, which provides resources for pastoral staff in schools to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing, has created a free section for parents and carers to access during this difficult time. Each day a new free craft activity, with a focus on wellbeing, will be uploaded for children to make, in addition to information and stories for parents and carers to use to help children understand Coronavirus.

Elsa Support Website