Enhanced Resource Provision for Dyslexia

Meet the Team

Provision for Pupils with Dyslexia

At St. Oswald’s CE Primary School, we are really proud to host a dyslexia provision for the local authority.

The provision:

  • Is a local authority funded provision offering a morning placement for up to ten Key Stage 2 pupils with an identification of dyslexia.
  • Provides pupils on roll a structured, multi-sensory language programme which is largely phonic based and allows for over learning and consolidation of skills.
  • Provides a progress that includes the following elements:
    • Sight vocabulary for reading and spelling
    • Spoken language
    • Opportunities to develop skills for writing
    • Knowledge of the alphabet and dictionary skills
    • Improving visual and auditory memory
    • Organisational skills, including mind mapping
    • Cursive handwriting
    • Teaching key elements of grammar and punctuation
    • Developing multisensory spelling strategies
  • Also includes teaching strategies to improve independence, concentration and enhancing self-esteem.

Assessment and Reporting Progress

Our pupils have an individual baseline assessment shortly after they start with us.

This will include:

  • Test of phonic skills
  • Reading and spelling of keywords
  • Single word spelling test (HAST2)
  • New Salford Sentence Reading Test

Their assessments form the basis for the pupils’ set of targets.

  • Progress against their targets is assessed with the pupils each term. The evaluated targets are shared with parents and schools.
  • Writing and mathematics is moderated with the Pupils’ Home School each term.
  • Standardised tests of reading and spelling are completed in December, March and June


The ERP specialist teacher offer training to class teachers, SENDCos, teaching assistants and parent/carers. This may take the form of tailor – made training in a York school or workshops at the ERP. A short term resource loan service is available when Home school staff visit the ERP to observe teaching.