Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5 and 6.

If your child is in self-isolation, please follow the guidance below for home learning activities.

self-isolation home learning Y56

St Oswalds home learning agreement – chromebooks

Walking Home Letter

Autumn Term 2020

We would like to welcome you to the Year 5/6 team and to let you know about some of the things that you can expect to happen this year. We have 3 classes, who work together as a team. This means that sometimes you may have lessons with other children and other teachers from Year 5/6.

Who’s Who

Miss Rowe’s Foxes – Mrs Foreman/Miss Benjamin

(Thursday will be Mrs Noble instead of Miss Rowe)

Mr Waterfall-Smith’s Badgers – Mrs Clowes

Miss Bell’s Dragonflies – Mrs Elsegood


PPA afternoon will be on a Friday for Y5/6 this year. You will rotate through PE lessons with Mr Lloyd, Art with Mrs Elsegood and Spanish with Ms Thompson.


Our new topic for this term is ‘Britain: War and Peace’. We are going to dig deep into the History of Britain from 1840 until 1945. We will explore key events from Life as a Victorian through the industrial revolution to the end of World War II and have lots of fun doing it. 

Battle of Britain Experience hire Spitfire Hurricane Me 109


PE Kits:
You will need to ensure you have a PE kit in school every day which can be washed over weekends. You need to ensure you have  2 pairs of PE shoes (1 for indoor, 1 for outdoor) and plenty of warm clothes, as the majority of PE lessons will be taught outdoor (even in the winter!)

Pencil Case:

We would like to encourage you to bring your own pencil case (named) into school so you have something to put your equipment in: we will provide everything you need to go into it.

You should be reading at home every day. You will have 2 reading books this year – one that goes home and stays at home until you have finished it and another that will stay in school. Once these books are complete, you will need to make sure they go back into the book box at school and an adult will take you to get another. You need to use your planner to keep a track of everything you have read. 

Your spellings will get set and tested every Thursday. At the beginning of each half term you will receive the spellings for the rest of that term to glue into your planner. Make sure you get plenty of practise each week. 


In training for Secondary school, you need to make sure you are using your planners each week to record homework, reading and any other events that are happening. Get into the habit of asking your parent to sign it each Friday morning before school!

Home Learning:
You will receive a home learning journal at the start of the term. We will explain how these work in Y5/6 and show you examples of some fantastic home learning projects that have been completed in previous years.. Home Learning Projects should be handed in on Tuesdays every other week (see label in book for precise date). You will get to share your journal entry with the rest of your class and your teacher will mark each entry with stamps. 


Maths homework will be set by your maths teacher every Tuesday.
You will need to hand it in by the following Tuesday where you will mark it together with your maths teacher.

Miss Rowe, Mr Waterfall-Smith and Miss Bell