Year 3 and 4 Summer Term

Y3/4 Summer Term

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 In the half-term ahead, we have so much to look forward to! 

  • We will continue to be taking part, as one of 16 York schools, in the ‘York Writing Project’. The Y3/4 classes will be trialling a different writing process.
  • This half term we have the exciting opportunity to visit the Skylark Centre and take part in activities with Outdoor Ted. This will include following animals tracks, shelter building and campfires.
  • We will be learning lots of different things: what it was like to live in the Stone Age, what inventions were created in the Stone Age era, which inventions have made history and about the inventors who created them.
  • We have started to learn about fractions. If your child could practise their times tables as much as possible at home, this will be greatly appreciated.

Home Learning

We have loved seeing all the creativity taking place for the home learning projects that Y3/4 have been busy with. We really enjoy sharing their work in our fortnightly gallery. We have now handed out this term’s new projects and can’t wait to see what will be produced! Well done to all those who have completed the reading bingo. The competition is still open and there are still certificates and prizes available. Please keep encouraging your child to keep going!

Mrs Usher’s class have now began swimming on Friday afternoons. Please note the last swimming session will be Friday 13th July. Image result for swimming clipart

Key Dates – Summer Term 1

13.04.18 and 20.04.18 Miss Palfreeman’s class final swimming lessons

23.04.18 Mr Mann’s class visit to Skylark Centre

24.04.18 Y4 Residential Parents Meeting

26.04.18 Whole School Skipping day

27.04.18 Mrs Usher’s class begin swimming lessons

27.04.18 Mr Mann’s class tennis sessions begin

30.04.18 Mrs Usher’s class visit to Skylark Centre

03.05.18, 04.05.18, 10.05.18, 11.05.18, 17.05.18, 18.05.18 Pedestrian training- TBC

14.05.18 Miss Palfreeman’s class visit to Skylark Centre

18.05.18 Royal Cake Sale FOSOSF

22.05.18 Class photos

24.05.18 Y3/4 play afternoon and evening performances

25.05.18 Art day

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